Safe & Vaults

Shopify Ecommerce Website Design

  • Date: September 2020
  • Project: Website Design & Rebrand
  • Company: Geek Powered Studios
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Shopify Plugin

Advanced Product Options Customizer

The high-quality gun safes offered by Safe & Vaults required multiple selection options to allow the user to customize their safe in ways that weren't supported by the native variants tools. Using the Advanced Product Options app from the Shopify app store, I created complex dependencies to allow users to customize the safe based on all the manufacturer's variations.

Code & Development

Shopify Liquid Code Customization

I used Shopify's Liquid codebase to add unique design elements the product pages using "if" statements based on their tags or custom fields, including:

Visual Design

New Style Guide

As part of the project, the client was moving from an exclusive Liberty Safe dealer to a dealer of Browning and AMSEC products. So he brought to us a new logo to implement on the website. Using the new logo and our target personas, I created a style guide for the new website.

Patriotic Color Scheme. To appeal to a more masculine and conservative demographic, we kept the color scheme simple with patriotic red and blue, and added black for a dark, manly appeal.

Bold Typography. The "Chivo" font was chosen as the header font. Being very bold and sharp, it helped to convey the masculine feel that we wanted, especially when used in all capitals.

Big, Sharp Buttons. In order to appeal to the masculine demographic, the buttons I used were very large and featured sharp, square corners.

Topographical Pattern. Competitive and market analysis showed a high connection to the sport of hunting. A faint topographical pattern was chosen to accent the design.

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